We are in this together and we are a part of it-New Normal

During the year 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic affected worldwide labor markets. Millions of people were furloughed or lost their jobs as a result of the short-term implications, which were often severe.

SheJobs forayed into the job market in 2020. The birth of SheJobs came as a boon during the pandemic and provided employment opportunities to many women.

As we are slowly moving towards the end of the pandemic, we are very happy to welcome all our employees once again to the office. Let's establish a workplace culture in the office again and move forward by accepting COVID-19 like a new normal.

SheJobs remain available to and transparent with our employees. Even as we embark on a new chapter, our employees' health still remains of utmost importance.

So hop on to the ride of the new normal with SheJobs to find your dream job.

SheJobs is here to assist you. Find high-demand jobs from companies that are actively hiring. Rise and Shine!

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