"SheJobs believe that women are the backbone of society and investing in their development can transform the world!"

SheJobs Learning Center powered by SheJobs empowers women to accelerate their careers and learning potential in a way that’s attainable and realistic. Whether you want to change your job or kickstart your second innings, We Are Here For You! D&I is a key imperative for SheJobs and therefore through SheJobs Learning Center women from all walks of life are mentored into upskilling courses where they have the highest likelihood of success and growth.

The training program offered through SheJobs Learning Center provides professional support to women from all walks of life as they gain critical skills to move into higher skill, better paying, technical or non-technical roles. Additionally, we are committed to providing access to upskill certifications while harnessing the power of community, support and job placement.

Once your certification is complete, our team will assist with job placement through our diverse network of companies that value you, your experience, and your career!

Who is eligible?

Through SheJobs Learning Center, our hope is to take an important step forward in enabling women to break through the glass ceiling. Ambitious women who are currently employed and believe that they can achieve more, women who have taken a sabbatical, freshers, differently-abled individuals, women of colour, LGBTQ+ individuals, Latinas, single moms, veteran women, and women belonging to other minority communities are all eligible to be a part of this initiative.

Why should you apply?

Experience is a never-ending pursuit. Even if you have experience in your profession, in a couple of years you will need to take on extra training so that your skills remain relevant to your job. Our upskilling program opens up many doors to enhance your skills, discover new passions and find better employment opportunities to reach your career goal!

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